Top 12 Attractions Not To Miss In Colombo

Colombo – The financial capital of Sri Lanka, dotted with numerous tourist attractions is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Being famous as a natural harbour, history of the city, dates back to 1505.

The contrasting elements of the colonial influence and the modern industrialisation of Colombo  is enormous and its worth without a doubt to spend a day or two exploring the city. To explore Colombo free of hustles, check out our Colombo city tours.

Here are the top 12 attractions not to miss in Colombo

1.Galle Face Green

galle-face-green-Colombo City Tour

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Enjoy the colours of the falling sun and rolling waves of the Indian Ocean while enjoying some delicious local street food.

Galle Face green is one of the amazing places in Colombo famous among locals and tourists alike for an evening walk to relax or for a small workout like jogging or running to get your energy levels up. The Beach stretch that had used to place the canons of Dutch is today a great place to enjoy a relaxing evening in Colombo.

2.Gangaramaya Temple And Seema Malakaya


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Get ready to explore one of the strangest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka (comparative to the other typical Buddhist temples) that has become an absolute charm to the city of Colombo with its unique exhibits and Buddhist ambience.

Hundreds of Buddha statues, the puffed Elephant and other precious gifts from devotees are some main highlights of the place, travellers fall in love with. The Gangaramaya temple and seema malakaya located next to Beire Lake is indeed a ‘must-visit’ in Colombo.

3.Independence Square

Independence Square-Colombo-City-Tour

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Perfect place to escape from the city hustle after touring around Colombo. The building made with stone is a monument build in 1948 to commemorate the Sri Lankan independence from British.

The peaceful garden with a statue of the first president of Sri Lanka and its quiet ambience make the place perfect for you to relax for free in Colombo.

4.National museum

National museum-Sri lanka-Colombo -City Tour

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If you love to learn more about the country or if you are a history lover you won’t regret paying a visit to the National Museum in Colombo. Housed in an incredible colonial building, National museum showcases a load of amazing artefacts of the Sri Lankan history. The exhibits of the royal family are one of the main features of the museum, tourists enjoy the most.

5.Kelaniya Temple

Kelaniya Temple

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An old temple situated 8 km away from Colombo, has listed among the places in Sri Lanka Lord Buddha has visited. The old paintings and the sculptures of Kelaniya temple along with its soothing atmosphere and historical value have made the place popular among the foreign crowd who visit Sri Lanka.

6.Independence Arcade

Independence Arcade-Colombo-City-Tour

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A luxury shopping complex for you to do some shopping, admire some colonial architecture, enjoy mouthwatering food of different cuisines around the world and chill after a long day exploring the Colombo city.

Not like other shopping complexes, Independence arcade is an Oasis of serenity with its surrounded spaces carpeted with green grass and decorated with flower beds full of colours and cool furniture and other decorative pieces.

7.Vihara Maha Devi Park

Vihara Maha Devi Park-Colombo-City-Tour

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An outdoor park built in British colonial era known earlier as the ‘Vitoria Park’ is another peaceful getaway in Colombo. Today, Vihara Maha Devi Park is redecorated with beautiful landscape, elegant ponds, small paths shaded with trees and a lot of relaxing seating spots is a true beauty to the Colombo city.

8.Nelum Pokuna Theatre

Nelum Pokuna Theatre-Colombo-City-Tour

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If you like to enjoy some unique and modern architecture, make sure to pay a quick visit to the ‘Nelum Pokuna’. Lotus pond or ‘Nelum Pokuna’ is an incredible piece of modern architecture in Colombo, designed in a shape of a lotus for large scale theoretical performance.



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A world of local handcrafts, for you to do a bit of a shopping collecting souvenirs to bring home from Sri Lanka.
Laksala is one of the best shopping outlets in Colombo where you can find beautiful paintings, sculptures, sparkling gems & jewellery, amazing wooden carvings and beautiful handloom clothing for a great price if you love buying some decorative pieces and clothes with traditional glamour.

10.Asokaramaya Temple


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An old Buddhist temple with some of the finest wall murals and sculptures found in Sri Lanka is another exciting temple to stop by in your visit to Colombo. The temple decorated with wall and ceiling paintings that tell you different stories of Lord Buddha with a vibrant of colours are delightful.Located in Thimbirigasyaya, Asokaramaya is a peaceful attraction for everyone who likes to admire some art.

11.Colombo Port

Colombo Port-Colombo-City-Tour

Keeping its reputation as the largest port in South Asia, Colombo port owns a great history that runs to the early 14 century. Due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, the port is also to be known for one of the busiest port in the region. The lines of cranes stand facing the sea is quiet a scene that adds some peace to this machinery world when the sun is going down. With the all the modern day terminal equipment’s and ongoing port operations, the port of Colombo is an interesting place to add to your Colombo itinerary.

12.Pettah Streets

Pettah Streets-Colombo-City-Tour

Situated near Colombo fort railway station, Pettah streets full of all the types of food and goods, are buzzing with bargaining shoppers and loud merchants. If you are looking forward to experiencing the local lifestyle of the island, Pettah streets is a place you should not miss in Colombo.

The narrow streets with thick traffic transporting goods, the range of noises of the merchant selling on the pavement, and the heat and the smell you can’t escape from are definitely not a tourist attraction but it’s an interesting to place to explore, that unfolds another side of the Sri Lankan lifestyle.

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