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Date: March 2017

πŸ™‚Mr. Amer Sami – Palestine


Indika is a very good gentleman and a professional driver. He took us to nice places and we had so much fun. Thank you for this wonderful vacation
Sri Lanka Holiday testimonial-1

Date: February 2017

πŸ™‚Mr. Ryan Beckwith – UK


Hi. Ryan here. I just wanted to say that my wife and I think that Nilanka is absolutely brilliant. He is very professional, friendly, polite and hard working. The car was washed every time we used it (which was great) and he drove very well on some difficult roads and traffic! He really helped to make a wonderful holiday for us. Thank you for booking him as our driver. We are really impressed and will recommend you and him to our friends in London!


Date: February 2017

πŸ™‚Ms. Susan Goh – Singapore


Director – Operations,
Serendivus International (Pvt) Limited,

Thank you so much for dropiing me an email.

On behalf of my family, once again, would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for arranging everythig in Sri Lanka for us, espeically very outstanding Chauffeur.
Everything ran exactly to plan with a good and friendly driver and an excellent guide at the site. The trip was very informative and completely satisfactory in all aspects.

The chauffeur in Sri Lanka (my apologies, as I can’t pronounce his name correctly. I always addressed him as :Brother) was excellent, he was not only performed the driver’s role but was very knowledgeable when we asked questions.

When I landed in airport, it was quite late, I and my husband were tired, he picked us with smiling face and with cheerful attitude, helped us to by SIM card (for oversea call), after checking at hotel, he went again to airport to pick my family (my brother, sister-in-law and niece), that was the next day’s morning. (To and fro: total 4 trips)

He is not just a driver, but acted as tour guide during our trip to different cities, he was extremely helpful with our needs and provided us with lots of information. The vehicle was very comfortable as he always cleaning & tidy up before picking us. Besides these, he was very punctual and always goes extra miles to fulfill our other requests, such as if we need to stop at halfway during the journal, he had never said no. Your agency’s plans and care of us were absolutely wonderful. We had a marvelous time!!

This tour was AMAZING, we all missed Sri Lanka and chauffeur very much!

Thank you again for doing such a good work for us, I will definitely recommended to my colleauges and friends next and encouerage them to visit your country.

















Date: October 2016

πŸ™‚Miss. Jewel Β – Singapore


Hi Lakshi. We had a lot of fun in Sri Lanka. Thank you so much for arranging everything. It was all perfect. Our driver suganth was so nice and warm as well. I will definitely recommend your travel agent to anyone coming to Sri Lanka in the future. Thanks again πŸ™‚ if youre ever in Singapore please let me know so we can meet. Please also tell suganth a big thanks!

* Suganth is a really good driver πŸ‘πŸ‘He took care of us very well!
Please tell him thanks from us 😁











Date: October 2016

πŸ™‚Mr.Tarek Sbeih – PalestineΒ 

Video sent by Mr.Tarek


I would like to thank u and ur company for the amazing tour. And to be honest the one who made our tour perfect ur nice arrangementΒ  and ur perfect tour guide hareesh. He is a perfect tour guide plz share my comment to ur management that he is a great tour guide and we appreciate his loyal to job and his full experience in everything. He guided us in perfect way. Thanks to u again and ur company for the great tour.

* Its okay as long u saw my msg and email. Coz we really enjoyed sirlanka. And hopefully in the future we will visit it again thanks lakshi to u and ur team for the great holiday

* By the way u have to mention in ur website the youngest babies went for whale tourπŸ˜‚my baby 3 months old and my nephew 6 months old.

Mr.Tarek Sbeih Mr.Tarek Sbeih Mr.Tarek Sbeih













Dear Gayan, Anushka & Brother Selva,

Thank you so much for making our Sri Lanka trip a reality. It was a pleasant and memorable tour for all of us. We enjoyed every moment being there. Our special thanks go to brother Selva for his work commitment & work dedication, which is truly world class. He always made the extra effort to make us feel comfortable throughout the journey.

We will keep in touch and definitely recommend Serendivus to our friends and family.

Date:July 2016
πŸ™‚Mr. Manivell Ramoo – Malaysian

Thank you very much for accommodating us in Sri Lanka. See you again on our next trip. We highly appreciate your hospitality. Kudos to Lionel for his great service!
Keep in touch,

Date:July 2016
πŸ™‚Ms. Valerie Galvez

Harsha is a very responsibility to caring guide. He was very informative we enjoyed his company. he was punctual and reppt the van clean and proper he is well mannered and very polite Guest can travel with him he is reliable guide , It was comforting to see Thushi before the end of the vaction. Her follow up was good, We enjoyed our stay in Sri Lanka . we thank Thushi and Mr.Harsha for their Service.

Date: 12th June to 21st June 2015
πŸ™‚Ms. Subashini – Singaporean

All arrangements were excellent would definitely recommended Serendivus our friends thanks to Thushi Arranging the tour

Date: 28th April to 02nd May 2015
πŸ™‚Mrs . Rachitha Kartha – Indian

Thanks very much for taking us around Sri Lanka All week You Live in a very beautiful country it was a great trip, totally safe, great accommodations Thanks To Sugath & Thushi

Date: 19th April To 27th April 2015
πŸ™‚Ms. Christina – U.K

Beautifully country excellent itieaneary excellent hotels and food with excellent communication by Thushi ,Shirely was very professional has excellent English skills and was very competent driver

Date: 15th April To 23rd April 2015

πŸ™‚Mr. John Michael Freedman – U.S.A

Dear Thushi
An enjoyable holiday. Thank you for all of your time and effort in making this a wonderful vacation. I have learned so much about Sri Lanka, it’s culture, and the wonderful people

.Bless your heart!!!!

Date: 31st March to 11th April 2015
πŸ™‚Mr. David Wake – U.K

Thanks to Thushi Arranging the Tour for my family Gayan was excellent guide & driving overall excellent experience. Thank you very much for planning this experience for us

Date: 27th March to 03rd April 2015

πŸ™‚Mr. Ramachandran Pravin – Indian

Mr.Selva was very helpful and patient very accommodative. Experience in Sri Lanka as a first time was very pleasant and amazing arrangement thank to Thush . Hotel Experience Was General Good

Date: 14th March to 18th March 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs. Hew boon bee – Malaysian

Ms Thushi was of great assistance she planned our trip perfectly she was patient and organized. In additional our chauffer Mr. Chandra was helpful, respectfully willing to accommodate our every needs flexible and overall an excellent professional. Our trip would have not been so perfect without him

Date: 25th March to 02nd April 2015
πŸ™‚Mr. Ahmed Hussein Omer Ammen – Egyptian

Our Chauffer Harsha is so patient and helpful It’s hard to put in words what a fabulous trip you put together for my family thanks to thush.

Date: 02nd Feb to 07th Feb 2015

πŸ™‚Ms. Liqiong Li – China

Dear Gayan Thanks for this great experience in Sri Lanka. The holiday was fantastic. Sri Lanka is very beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly. We loved every minute of it Thank you so much Thushi for planning our outstanding holiday in Sri Lanka .

Date: 19th Feb To 22nd Feb 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs. Nina Kaspar – Switzerland

The trip was good! Our guider Mavan is an very knowledgeable friendly helpful gentleman .Thanks to thushi assistance for the tour itieaneary, we happy with Serendives we will recommend to our family & fiends

Date: 11th Jan to 15th Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs. Doreen Edward – Malaysian

The Entire tour was absolutely fantastic our guide harsha is the best we had wonderful time

Date: 05th Jan to 14th Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs Aparna Mahadev – U.S.A

Wow! Sri Lanka was truly the trip of a lifetime! Thanks to Gayan explain everything I had great time in Sri Lanka

Date: 27th Dec to 03rd Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Mr. Dermot Macaragh – U.S.A

I wanted to tell you again we had a fabulous time in Sri lanka . Hard to believe we went and are now back. Everything went smoothly! First and foremost, you planned an incredible trip. We felt very safe and had a wonderful Guide and tour Sugath an awesome person very humble good knowledge very responsible & caring SUGATH THE BEST , Special thanks to Thushi Excellent profficianal Service

Date: 28th Dec to 07th Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Dr. Rama Raghavan – Indian

Thank you Thushi excellent Service our family had an excellent tour +stay in Sri Lanka we will defiantly recommend serendivus to our friends & family , special y transport is very combatable our driver Mavan was excellent caring attentive Thank You Ones again Serendivus

Date: 22nd Dec To 31st Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Ravindra Singh – Australian

The trip was a delight. Great companions, great itinerary Thanks to Thushi great organization and a great guide! Xmas Dinner was good

Date: 22nd Dec to 30th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Erick De Conick – Netherlands

Dear Thushi this is the Muhammad family. We just came back from Sri Lanka We have thoughtfully enjoyed ourselves and had a fantastic holiday .Our driver and guide selva has bben caring and always looking our needs , Serendivus your professional touch give you an edge

Date: 02nd Dec to 11th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mr .Shahrin /K.S Moorthy – Singaporean

Dear Thushi,

Just a short note to thank you for planning our lovely holiday in Sri Lanka this December.
We spent a wonderful 9 days there. Insight of the Many Different Places / Experience in Sri Lanka Culture / wildlife / historical, geographical enjoyed the divvies experience pacing of the tour
The hotels were lovely and the meals were excellent too.And the service in all the places was exemplary as well.A special mention should go to our driver cum guide Marvan who went out of his way to make our trip comfortable and memorable.I will definitely recommend my friends to your company.
Thank you once again.

Date: 08th Dec to 16th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mr .Vijay Lachmanadas – Singaporean

Our Guide, Sugath has been very helpful, friendly and attentive to our needs. Although we have an unfortunate incident with the loss of my passport I commenced Sugath and Gayan for the being prompt in their actions, it was very professional , he was very professional , we cancelled the rest of the tour because I was mentally tired and my friends juest wanted to be with me to ensure that I am hence safely , it has nothing to do with the service , we enjoyed ourselves during the first week Thank you Serendivus international being so professional and providing excellent service for your client much appreciate

Date: 09th to 19th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Jess Chan – Singaporean

We had the best time. Everything was great, the itinerary the hotels, the restaurants, and the guide was excellent. Except for the heaven seven Thank you so much for everything. Train journeys were the highlight of trip for us.

Date: 13th Dec to 23rd Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mr.Lee Yong Wee – Singaprean

Dear Thushi It’s good to be home! We had an amazing time! Thank you so much for all you help! Everything went rather smoothly. Mr.Dougles is an over welling sincere guide who has made this trip extremely pleasant. The hotels were great, the food was amazing!

Date: Singapore 17Th Dec to 22Nd Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Usha Janarath – Singaporean

Overall the experience was good, Except for the raining the whole day 26/11 which is not in your control, Thank you very much to Thushi & Selva

Date: 25Th November to 30Th November 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Salina Lim Chia Lin – Malaysian

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would like to thank all involved for making it so good Chatura especially was fantastic, being courteous, enthusiastic, and most knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Our tour Executive. Thushi was also wonderful. We left Sri Lanka feeling very relaxed and wanting to stay longer! Thanks again to all at Serendivus Travels 8 Travel time should be mention in the plane to help

Date: 24Th November to 29Th November

πŸ™‚Mr.Vikas Kapdoskar – Indian

We have had a very enjoyable time in Sri Lanka ,My kids ,who were at first time reluctant to come, now say they don’t mind visiting Sri Lanka Again , Terance was excellent a very safe and helpful chauffer, and very knowledgeable about Sri Lanka .

He takes his job very seriously and performs it extremely well. Thushi was also very helpful and we appreciate her calling us to update us on any changes in travel arrangement, many thanks to all at serendivus and we will be sure to recommend you at our friends.

Date: 18Th November to 29Th November 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Akvinder Kaur – Singaporean

We had a great time, Sugath took good places all accommodation was great arrangement, and we would recommend your company to our friends

Date: 03rd October to 07th October 2014

πŸ™‚Mr.Ryan Lewis Bararack – Canadian

Dear Thus h i

Our trip to Sri Lanka was unforgettable thanks to Serendivus. The trip was very well organised and created to best suit our desires. We had our own personal driver throughout the trip called Gay an who was incredibly knowledgeable about the country and provided us with fascinating information throughout our trip. Our favourite day was day 2 on our schedule where we visited the Hiriwaduna village and saw how a typical Sri Lankan lives. We also had the chance to eat some very typical foods and then we visited Sigiriya which was beautiful and considered to be the 8th wonder of the ancient world! All of the hotels were to a very high standard and in good locations. Therefore, the trip was great value for money with Serendivus as we took part in so many activities, saw so many beautiful places and had fantastic hotels and food.

We chose Serendivus as we only had a short time in Sri Lanka (6 days) and so wanted to make the most out of the trip. Upon researching several different companies, Serendivus offered us the most flexibility for a price within our budget. Although we were initially sceptical about trusting a company who we had never heard of and had limited reviews on websites such as trip advisor, we would highly recommend them to any friends or family wishing to tour Sri Lanka.

Many thanks for a fantastic trip

Date: 20th September to 26th September

πŸ™‚Mr.Edward and Mrs.Katie – UK

Hi, Thushi

Would like to say thank you for helping organize our trip to Sri Lanka , it was everything we had hoped for and more, every single thing was perfect, Our guides Harsha were great, Thushi were very Supportive and offered excellent Service
Well done again

Date: 22nd August to 28th August 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs.Jayashree Anand – Indian

Dear Ms. Thushi:

Sorry, I could not communicate with you during my stay in Srilanka and in Mauritius.

The schedule was very tight and we were literally moving from place to place almost every day. But all the arrangements and accommodation were good, including the company of your driver MR. Harsha.

Stay in Maldives was also very good and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the holiday.

We hope to stay in touch with you in future too, to arrange our next holiday in the region.

Thanks and do remain in touch.

Date: 17Th August to 27Th August 2014

πŸ™‚Mr Venkateswaran – Indian

ust a quick hello, more lately, to let you know that we made it home safe and sound.

Our experience n In Sri Lanka fantastic I cannot express in words how much we enjoyed our trip and how well Serendivus organized all the details. We enjoyed every aspect, The Guide we had was very professional and polite, he has well knowledgeable about his country and cultural sites + he has a good self-implication in his job, he is safe driver and was very concern in our well being through our journey

Date: 12Th August to 23Rd August 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Anon Kamjaddasakorn – French

Thank you Very Much for serendivus the trip was externally well laid out, The Guide was very Informative and helpful. The drivers driving is commendable on the overall an amazing experience

Date :01st August to 05th August 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Sanja Nair – Indian

We are very happy about Mr.Selva and driver Roshan. They very corperative and polite. Van is very neat.

Date :25th July 2014 to 24th July 2014

πŸ™‚Mr.Mani Muthukumar – Doha Qatar

Hi Thushi,

Sorry we haven’t got back to you sooner, it’s been busy since since we’ve been home. We had such a great time, and just wanted to say thanks for providing such a top rate tour for us. Here’s a quick testimonial you can use if you desire and a couple of photos as well. Thanks again.

We had a wonderful journey through Sri Lanka all thanks to Serendivus. They provided us with the perfect itinerary for what we what wanted to see and do and everything went smoothly and as planned. We were able to customize our trip to meet our needs and time frame and we were able to do everything we had set out to do. We have to mention that a big reason everything went so well was due to our fantastic driver, Mr. Selva, who’s knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness was greatly appreciated. Mr. Selva was always doing all the extra little things to ensure we were always happy and enjoying ourselves. Having a great driver for tours like this is essential and can make the difference in how much you enjoy yourself, and we were not disappointed. We highly recommend Serendivus for a trip through beautiful Sri Lanka, they are professional and provided us with everything we requested and at a fair price.

Tim and Kristen Jordan

Date : 14 th April 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Tim and Kristen Jordan – Australian

Me & my wife had an excellent experience in this tour from all aspects. The guide (Mr. Gayan) was very accommodating and went out of the way to assist us. We never felt uncomfortable in his presence. He maintained his respect and friendliness throughout the journry. In short the tour for exceeded our expectation and it is money well spent. Will definitely recommend your company to others. Looking forward for with your company.

Date : 16th May – 20th May 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Diana Estay & Ms. Tina – Philipinese

Overall experience was good. Very much thankfull for our chauffeur Fernando. He made our stay great.

Date : 14th April 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Mohammed Ashkanami – Qatar

Overall trip was good. Thank you Serendivus.

Date : 02nd April 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Evelin Van Der – Dutch

We really appreciate the flexibility and the patience’s of our Guide. Overall experience was good.
Date: 14th April 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Karovics Eva – Hungarian

Mr. Selva is a wonderful driver, a gentleman, and we really enjoyed it. He did a very good job. Hotels and Meals were fantastic. Great Holiday!!

Date : 19th April 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Kristen Unsorth – New Zealand

Everything feels good and your guide treat us as a brother and he made lot of help to us. Thanks for everything.
To Samudrika , Thanks for your support.

Date : 21st February to 23rd February 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Jinu Philip – India

Our Driver Mavan is a Perfect, Capable young man. Our trip became very enjoyable because of Marvan and we thank him for that.

Date: 20th December to 03rd January 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Basil Thanethiran – Australian

Excellent Service!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip & sincerely hope to return to Sri Lanka with Sugath as my Guide!
Thank You Serendivus.

Date : 29th November to 04th December 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Sharina – Singaporen

We have experienced a great stay in Sri Lanka. Thanks to Serendivus, in this short time we were here and covered many of Sri Lanka’s major sites and cities. This holiday, we will never forget. Mr. Harsha is very friendly Guide. We thanks Mr. Harsha.

Date : 21st November to 02nd December 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Shruti Sanghani – British


My testimonial as follows

β€˜ Very satisfied with the arrangements made by Serendivus. The trip was meticulously planned
and selection of Hotels were good. Special thanks to program co-ordinator Ms. Thushi
Renganathan and our tour Guide / driver Mr. Marvan’

Shall send photographs later.


Dipayan Chakraborty

Date: March 19 th To March 25 th 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Dipayan Chakraborty – Dubai

Hi Thushi,

Hope you are doing great!

First off, thank you so much for organizing our trip to Sri Lanka. You and your team had planned everything so well for us and had coordinated each and every aspect of the trip to superb perfection. Thank you so much for making our trip a very very pleasurable and a memorable one.
I would be glad to provide a testimonial on your page if required. For now i am providing a response to your questions.

1) Uniqueness of Serendivus:

The whole team of Serendivus gives a very personal touch to each aspect of the trip. Your responses were very prompt and to minute details which left us with no doubts at any point of time. Our special dietary needs were taken of. We couldnt have asked more that this. The whole group, especially our guide and chauffeur Harsha was so pleasant and polite. He took care of our needs primarily. We werent rushed through at any point of time. All of the hotels booked by Serendivus were really very good and comfortable. The whole experience exceeded our expectations to a great extent. Giving a personal touch to an itinerary is what is unique about Serendivus.

2) Thushi, you were the main person coordinating with my father in organizing this trip. We gave a rough plan as to what we would like to see and planned an entire itinerary which suited us very well. Your thorough planning and coordination helped us sail through our trip to Sri Lanka very smoothly.

3) We would be very happy to recommend you and Serendivus to others. We have already passed our trip plans and details to a couple of our family friends in India and the US.

Thanks once again for everything!
I shall send the pictures of our group soon.


Thank You

Date: Jan 04 Th To Jan 10Th 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Ramachandran – Indian

Hi Thushi,

Had an enjoyable time with my family in Sri Lanka all thanks to Serendivus (mostly due to the great attention to every detail by Thushi – who organised everything for us). Accommodations and tours were all wonderfully planned and coordinated. Only regret is not having more time to spend in Sri Lanka and also to have a more leisurely paced travel. I guess due to our limited schedule and requirements, we spent quite a great deal of time travelling. Will take heed of this in our next trip there.

Will definitely head back and will use Serendivus again!

Date : 23rd November to 30th November

πŸ™‚Mr. Chua Benedict – Singaporean

Although it has been 3 months pasted since our 8-days-9-nights journey ended, we still often talk about the friendly people we met, wonderful places we visited and beautiful pictures we took. Serendivus is a very good choice for us in this tour. They had arranged everything for us before we arrived every day. All the things we needed to do was enjoying our journey.

The professional, honest, and warm-hearted Serendivus staffs are quite impressed. We also want to give our appreciation especially to Selva, who is the best guide and gentle driver we have ever met.

We wish u all the best from China, thank u so much!

PS: Pls also pass the attachments to Selva. Thx

Date: 30th Sep – 09th Oct 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Christina – China

Ms. Thushi had arranged very well the programmed from the day I e-mail and via phone. Shw was always there to help us out. Mr. Selva also safely brought us around and patiently guide for us. Throughout the journey such a generous person too. Thanks for the unforgettable journey to Sri Lanka. Thank Your Serendivus.

Date : 29th November 2013

πŸ™‚Mrs. Sumithra Sivalingam – Malaysian

Hi Samudrika,

We recently got engaged when we had our first trip to Sri-Lanka together. At first, we were both worried that the rainy season will spoil our 7-day trip, but, to our surprise the weather was so amazing. Most of the days were sunny, it rained when we did our white-water rafting, but it was just so perfect for the activity.

Trusting our first experience of the beauty of Sri-Lanka to Serendivus was a great decision. They gave us top quality service from the time we started sending our inquiries, and building our itinerary; from the time we finally landed to the country , until we left the airport with big smiles on our faces and memories to treasure in our hearts. They helped in making sure that we experience the best of the country from the wonderful and amazing spots we visited, to the beautiful sceneries, to the best hotels we checked-in, and to the fantastic restaurants we spent our lunch at.

Our chauffeur/tour guide Sugath was so amazing – we’re well-taken cared of, he drove us safely and never failed in offering us sweet fresh coconut juice every time we finish our activity. He showed us how accommodating and hospitable the Sri-Lankans are, by inviting us to enjoy a seafood feast in his house.

The success and the wonderful memories we shared during our trip was really made possible by the great team of Serendivus.

We are surely going back to explore more the richness of Sri-Lanka and we are definitely choosing Serendivus to make it happen for us.

Thanks to the whole team especially to the cheerful, Sugath. Cheers!

Date : 15th October 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Jenny Juanito & Mr. Jazpher – Philipines

Dear Samudrika,

We had dreamt of visiting Sri Lanka for years and at last this October we found the time to organize our 9 days trip there. We wanted to see this time and discover as much as possible of this beautiful country. We wanted to have a guide but not to be a part of a big group. We found Serendivus on the internet and were impressed of how quick and professional they were with dealing with our enquiries. We gave them a rough guide on what we wanted to see and a day later a thorough and satisfactory itinerary guide was sent to us.

During our trip unfortunately we felt dissatisfied with our guide/driver who seemed to priorities his interests over ours and finally after a few days we felt forced to contact Serendivus with our complaint. We were delighted with how caring and immediate their response was. Our driver was sent home and his replacement met us the following morning. Our second driver turned out to be a perfect substitute and the remaining trip was a total delight for us.

We were very impressed on the value for money Serendivus offered us as all the hotels, meals and the car were top range and we now know how expensive they would have been, had we booked them ourselves individually.
On the last day of our trip the Serendivus team joined us in the hotel with a beautiful gift as an apology for our first driver’s misbehavior. They assured us that having a happy and satisfied customer was their prime goal and we definitely felt that was the case.

We are delighted that we found them and will use them again and recommend them to our friends. Having experienced the magic of Sri Lanka we plan many more visits there in the future.

With the Warmest Regards and Gratitude.

Iwona and Paul Wadwa

Date:11th October to 19th October

πŸ™‚Mr. & Mrs. Wadwa – British

We did the one week package with Serendivus and it was excellent. It was our first time in Sri Lanka, So we had an amazing experience. Thushi was very efficient and handled our concerns very well and professionally. Our driver and guide Mr. Sugath was a wanderfull person and showed us around in the best way he could. He is so patient and friendly. Even our 2.5 years old daughter liked him. So thanks to Serendivus for such a wanderfull and organized tour. We will definitely come back!!
Date:23rd August to 29th August

πŸ™‚Mr.Aymen – U.S.A

The driver has been very kind and enthusiastic.
Date:04th August to 08th August

πŸ™‚Mr.Samwon Woo – South Korean

t is my first trip to Sri Lanka and there are a lot of interesting places and things to see. Unfortunately my trip is considered short and could only see main point of interests. It is a good experience and the guide is very helpful and trying to meet requirements as much as he could.
Date:03rd August to 10th August

πŸ™‚Mr.Wong Tze Meng – Singaporean

Overall experience is good. Driver (Mr. Harsha) is a good guide and good person.
Date:12th August to 18th August

πŸ™‚Mr.Rami Almarhoon – Saudiarabia

Overall, I’m satisfied with this Discover Sri Lanka Tour.
Date:07th August to 12th August

πŸ™‚Mr.Boni – Malaysian

The entire trip was smooth, Thanks to Serendivus. You made it very easy and smooth for us. We love this place and will come back again. Driver is informative and courteous.

Date:07th August to 12th August

πŸ™‚Ms.Nithya – Singapore

Ravi was excellent and provided great care and service.
Date:06th August to 10th August

Ms.Elizabath – British

Hello Thushi

I would like to say a sincere β€œthank you” to you for making our β€œGrand Tour” of
Sri Lanka so memorable.Thanks To Mr.Selva

Date:29th June to 06th June

πŸ™‚Mr.Karmalawala Tehzoon – Middle East

Hi Samudrika,

Hope you are doing well.

Let me begin by thanking you and the entire serendivus staff for arranging our amazing trip. We had a blast, and you have topped all our expectations and eventhough we were travelling for hours in the van every day we dint get tired as the van was really comfortable. For the hotels, all rooms were good in particular to Hills club, priyankara and kogalla beach resort.

Last but not the least, our guide, Harsha was particulary exceptional he took care of all of us in ways that we had never expected and made sure that throughout our trip we were happy. He was just like a family member to all of us. And although I couldnt meet you, I am happy to atleast have had a telephonic conversation with you.

I have attached few pics of us with Harsha.

Thanking you once again.

Date:August 2013

πŸ™‚Mr.Sreecheth –Indian

Hello Sujevan,

I have attached some pictures above from our trip.
I must say that the organisation put into the tour on our behalf by you was quite superb. In what a fairly short space of time from the original inquiry you certainly manged to compose an interesting and varied range of things for us to see.
Particular highlights were the safari trip to Yala National Park and the boat trip through the mangrove islands. The details of each day were accurate and if anything do not do justice to what we got to see, especially the boat trip where we stopped of at the temple.

I have also to commend the work of Sunil our driver whose knowledge of the trees, plants and birds was first class. He certainly made the trip for us as he was always happy to stop wherever we wanted for a photo opportunity at a temple or particularly good spot to take a snap or ten.

Both of you were very flexible to our needs and the very nice touch to change the hotel for the last night was both unexpected and a very well received gesture on our part. We will certainly visit your beautiful island again in the future and will be using your excellent services again.

Thanks from both of us for a very memorable holiday.
Maurice and Nadia

Date:August 2013

πŸ™‚Maurice and Nadia –Moldova

We had an awesome trip. Sugath & serendivus helped us. We had the best vacation ever. We will be telling all of our family and friends to use your company. And I will tell them to ask for Sugath as their driver. Thanks for a great Holiday ever.

Date:March 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Minna – Finland

It was a great trip! Thank You!
Chandra has been fantastic with us. Thushi has been nice and accommodating. Thanks.

Date:February 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. Bruno Merlino – Switzerland

We had an excellent holiday. Thank you Serendivus! I chose your company because you took the initiative to call me & talk about what I wanted from the holiday. The Pre- Holiday service was excellent. Then I was even more impressed with the holiday service. Our driver Jagath was perfect & the itinerary was great. If only we’d had more time to explore your wonderful country. We will have to come back again.

Date:February 2013

πŸ™‚Mrs. Joanna Swan – UK

First of all I want to Thank for Thushi , Uncle Selva and Sugath. I spent a wonderful time in Sri Lanka. Hotels, Meals, Vehicles and overall experience are good. Thank you all of you for we had a memorable stay in Sri Lanka.
Date:January 2013

πŸ™‚Mrs.Nalini – Malaysia

Hi Thushi
Thank you so much for organized our trip to Sri Lanka!. We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country!
And Mr Selva was a great guide. Hope you had a good start on this New Year. Say hi to Mr Selva from us
Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mrs. Ulrika Eriksson – Switzerland

Thank you for the excellent service provided by Ms.Thushi and Mr. Jagath . We had a very good trip. The hotel and transport arrangement was perfect.
Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Althaf Chowdhury – UAE

We are very happy with the quality of service, guide (Mr.Bandara) is excellent .He was very helpful. Our accommodation is excellent .Overall very good value for money. Everything had top class and I will recommend Serendivus, Mr. Bandara and Mr. sampath to all my friends. Thank you So Much.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Mayank Vikas -Indian

All was excellent. Nice car and the driver spoke very Good English.
We visited the rock and went to the hotel!! Super hotel, everything perfect!!
Chaaya hotel was nice as well our own choice of Galle Face hotel.
Overall hotels were good.We had a memorable stay in Sri Lanka.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. & Mrs. Carry Zaghow -Egypt

We wish to thank Serendivus arranging such a good holiday. As I want to thank Ms. Thushi and Mrs. Chandrasena .They are really helpful. Our guide was an excellent helpful guide & driver.His knowledge & Sri lanka is very good.
Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Praful Desai -Singapore

Thank you very much .We had a memorable stay in Sri Lanka. Gayan is a very good driver and guide and it was a pleasure hearing his show me your beautiful Country. Hotels gave the good services for us .

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Ian khoo -Singapore

Very good communication between Ms.Thushi & me in planning the trip. She was very prompt with her response. Guide has a pleasant and always smiled. All Together a pleasant experience.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mrs. Christina Robert -Singapore

My wife and I had a wonderful tour around Sri Lanka for 8 days in November. I want to thank our Guide Selva and Driver Sugan – who were such wonderful people to know and travel along with. They took extremely good care of our safety, comfort and overall experience. I also want to thank Ms Thushi for working out the detailed itinerary and going through several revisions. I want to thank Mr Sampath for his gesture in meeting us at the Colombo hotel and greeing us on our Marrigage Anniversay with a bouquet. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful. We will certainly return to Sri Lanka and will engage Serendivus for that trip too.

Date:30th November 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Venki Subramaniam – Singapore

Overall a fantastic weekend. Excellent organization in the planning, We had a memorable tour.
Thank you Serendivus

Date:25th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Milo Sjardin – Netherlands

We wish to thank Serendivus International (PVT) Ltd arranging such a good holiday. As I want to thank Thushi and Selva.They are really helpful. Accommodations and Overall tour is good. Your Company service is good.

Date:26th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mrs.Sivakami – Malaysia

Selva (Tour Guide) was excellent. We enjoyed his company service of humor and the information he provided. He was also very accommodating to our requests. Our 6 days with you have been very enjoyable. Thank you for your safe driving and your interesting stories .Thank you serendivus your service.
Date:07th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Dennis Vern – USA

We wish to thank Serendivus Int. (Pvt) Ltd.,for making our stay a memorable one. Notwithstanding a few hiccups,overall tour was good and well arranged. A special thank you to our guide Mr. Selva a wonderful person who made us very comfortable and accommodating to all of our request. Thank you to our driver Mr. Roshan, who drove us around safely. Thank you to Mr. Gayan for seeing us at the airport on arrival and Mr. Sampath for making time to arrange a special dinner for us. Not forgeting Ms. Thushi, who was responsive to all my e-mails from the very start of my request for the tour package and ensuring that our request is all accommodated. Thank you Thushi.

We will definitely recommend our friends and family to your travel agency.

Our Best wishes to Mr. Selva and all.

Date:09th September 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Preama Ramachandran Nair – Malaysia

I want to thank you Mr.Gayan.We enjoyed wonderful day.Mr.Gayan is a good knowledge.
Overall on our one day trip we had enjoyed.

Date:September 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Rahaman – Malaysia

Serendivu’s representative’s knowledge, cooperation and level of assistance is excellent.
Saman was our guide . Saman Is a Great Person Very Friendly & Helpful. The Kassapa Lion Rock Is A Great Experience ,Very Clean Grad & principally Staff .Overall Gave A Great Experience In Sri Lanka .

Date:17Th Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Victor – Brazil

I want thank to Mr. Ranaka. He is good guide. Transport vehicles and hotels accommodation are good. But meal is average .Overall tour is fine.

Date:21Th Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Imran – Pakistan

We wish to thank Serendivus International (PVT) Ltd arranging such a good holiday. We have enjoyed the trip and our driver Harsha was very helpful. Accommodation need to be improved, Overall Good Service from Serendivus International.
Thank You!

Date:20Th Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr Sukumaran – Singapore

Tour Guide Done His Best To Service For Good Food For Me & My Mother.
I am Very Thankful To Ranaka And During The Tour For Their Helpful , Accommodation Is A Bit Disappointing .Overall tour is good.

Date:05 Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Ms. Veron Ong – Malaysia

elva was our chauffeur/guide from Serendivus for our week long trip around Sri Lanka and he did a relatively good job. He drove very safely and also was attentive to our needs including attending to our requests whenever we want to see some things.
Some accommodation are pretty old (e.g. the bay view hotel at Weligama) and not really at the beach front. For those booking the tours, do your own homework and request for specific resorts/hotels if need be.

25th July 2012.

πŸ™‚Ms.Ann Tat – Singapore

Hi Sampath,
Sorry for the late reply. We have enjoyed the trip and our driver Harsha was very helpful.
Overall on our trip we had enjoyed.
Nilu & Graham
Pls: pass our best regards to Harsha for us

πŸ™‚Mrs.Nilu & Graham – Australian

Gayan was more like a family member he was so patient and accmadations.his Knowledge of the places excellent. Thushi was very patient and good at detailing with the initial package overall very satisfied with Serendivus Travels.

Date: 09th May to 15th May 2015
πŸ™‚Ms. Sunitha Devi Pillai – Singaporean

Now that we are back from our trip my husband and I like to thank you Thushi for all your assistance and the great customer service you provided us during our tour-booking process. Our tours surpassed all our expectations. The tour guide sugath were excellent; punctual, knowledgeable, The locations we visited were superb and the places we went for lunch were reasonable and delicious.

We will definitely recommend your services/tours to all our friends and family. We look forward to using your company for future trips

Date: 27th March To 03rd April 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs. Angelika Brown – U.S.A

Mr. Harsha is very cooperative and his driving was very combatable, he always found good meals for us, Thanks To Thushi

Date: 27th Feb To 05th March 2015

πŸ™‚Mr.Mantena Srinivasa Varma – Indian

Thanks for your kind assistance & services Mr. Selva did great job responsibility & good person thank thushi for your support and help I happily will recommend your service to my friend the hotel was great , good foods great tour We liked the trip and your agency did a very good job with

Date: 26th Feb to 03rd March 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs.Natahalie Nunez – Malaysian

Excellent Experience Ravi is experienced very good attitude chauffer; Ms. Thushi of Serendivus is very god &v excellent service

Date: 08th Jan To 17th Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Mr.Guddati Chandra Sekar – Indian

We had a fantastic time from start to finish. I could go on and on with how much we loved the itinerary, restaurant recommendations, hotel arrangements, and the dozens of details you saw to with advance ticket arrangements. Especially we really appreciated your attention to making sure our Hotels. And, your recommendations for the itinerary were spot on. We enjoyed everything you recommended. One thing that deserves special mention To Thushi . She was a huge part of the trip’s success. Thanks to our driver Sugath excellent guide

Thanks again. I will be sharing this information with friends interested in visiting Sri Lanka . It is very important to have a good travel agency and an excellent guide to visit and enjoy Sri Lanka

Date: 14th Jan to 27th Jan 2015

πŸ™‚Mrs. Rashida Ziauddin – U.S.A

Dear Thushi Arrived home yesterday. We had a fabulous time. Everything went like clockwork, from our arrival and transport to our final day drop to airport, We loved our guide Mr Selva They were knowledgeable, friendly, and attended to all of our needs, My family members and I really enjoyed the Sri Lanka Tour We thank you, Thushi for all your help with our arrangements. We are very pleased with Serendivus Travel and hope to book another trip in the next few years if not sooner.

Date: 23rd Dec to 31st Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Sewwrekha Madival – Indian

Dear Gayan
Thank you very much for this wonderful trip from the jeep safari to the tooth relic, tea plantation and to my favorite the trekking village experience. I have enjoyed every second of it, but with your Knowledge and guidance the whole experience was breathtaking and I am so grate full that I was so apart of your beautiful culture this is without doubt a trip I will never forget and that is all thanks to you , you gave Us 100% Satisfaction Thank you again for every thing

Date: 02nd Dec to 06th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Geaney Una – Irish

We’ve loved our amazing holiday. Extremely satisfied with services of the driver guide. The sights knowledge gained and fun times will not be forgotten. Thanks Thushi for the great service. Thanks to Mr Selva Our Driver

Date: 12th Dec to 17Th Dec 2014

:)Mr. Sunny Agrawala – Indian

A wonderful experience! The viceroy is beautiful I thank you for your excellent service and kindness, thoroughly recommend this trip.Harvey and I loved it and we will tell all our friends. Thank you Thushi Have a wonderful Passover. Hope to see you soon

Date: 14th Dec to 20th Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Jayanthi Sigamani – Singaporean

A fantastic tour, we felt we could not have seen more in the short time we had. Sunil was a brilliant driver, we felt very safe on your main roads. He knew about everything. Serendivus representative arranged all the visits & excursion so it was very easy for us.

Date: 14th Dec to 22nd Dec 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Malaya Bora – Indian

We enjoyed every aspect of the tour in Sri Lanka. Gayan was wonderful and excellent host

Date: 19Th December to 28Th December 2015

πŸ™‚Mr. Charles Eugene Silva – U.S.A

Dear Thushi We had an amazing stay @ Lanka .Thank you for your assistance, Hope to Visit Again

Date: 23Rd November to 30Th November 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Thanabal A. L Naranasamy – Malaysian

Excellent Service By Serendivus Very Cooperative Sugath Our Guide excellent Driving Skill make us feel very safe We had a fabulous time and saw some wonderful sites , Thank you Serendivus

Date: 12Th November to 18Th November 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Zheng Yan – China

Hi Thushi,

It was a memorable trip for us and thanks to you and your team who made it possible. Right from the time we landed in Srilanka up until the time we boarded the flight for our return journey, the itinerary was strictly followed. The Hotels was excellent and the food was amazing as well. All the sightseeing and excursions were arranged well. The guide Mr. Raja and his associates (driver & the helper) were wonderful and cooperative. Special Kudos for them.

Mr. Ravikant, Bhore

I would like to rate10/10 for your arrangements and services. Absolutely there is no hassle, everything was professionally managed, very nicely prepared.

The provided bus/driver/ helper were very cooperative, his driving was very safe. All the day they keep bus neat and clean.

It was really very nice experience to explore Sri Lanka with Serendivus International (PVT) Limited.

Special thanks to Ms Thushi bearing us for dozens of mails before travel and very patiently address all within time.

Overall Sri Lanka is very nice country, very green,people attitude is very good, no cheating after rate agreement

Date: 25th October to 31st October 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Prashant Dalvi – Indian

Very Good Arrangement Special thank you to Ms. Thushi The trip was very well organized.

Mr Selva was a great guide and chauffer. He showed us around very enthusiastically.

We will surely recommend your company to others, family and friends.


Date: 06th September to 10th September

πŸ™‚Mrs Damini Hazare – Singapore

Thank you to Serendivus , Our Holiday was very memorable , Special Thank to Mr, Selva He is very Knowledgeable and accommodate all our requirmeant with a smile always , and the hotel selection was lovely I would recommend your service.

Date: 22nd August to 30th August 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Suzan Dcruz – Singapore

Over all Experience would have been excellent, I would describe your company as 5 star professional services. From the first contact with Thushi . The guides were great – Mr Selva Was done great job with taking care of guides, very Informative Thank you for your excellent customer service – I will continue to recommend your company to friends and family.

Date: 17Th August To 21st August

πŸ™‚Mr .Anatha Krishna Prabu – Indian

The Experience was over all good, The service we received from Serendivus , from planning the trip through the actual tour itself far exceeded our expectations. The personalized service was much appreciated and the tour was well suited for our needs, both the adults and the children.

Date: 15Th August To 18 August

πŸ™‚Mrs . Jayanthi Padmanabhan – Indian

Hi Thushi,

Hope you’re well! Just writing in to thank you for organising our fantastic trip to Sri Lanka. We had an amazing time and hope to return soon!

Sugath was a wonderful tour guide and took us everywhere diligently. I will recommend Serendivus to anyone who wants to tour Sri Lanka!

Date :O8th August to 15Th August 2014

πŸ™‚Ms . Sakina Imani – Pakistan

Hi Thushi,

I’m back in HK. Thank you very much for your wonderful arrangements. The hotels were selected well and the whole trip went well. Thank you so much. I also learnt about fellow tamilians in Sri Lanka, unfortunately I cld not meet u. Best of luck for you. Vimala

Very professional, excellent knowledge and insight. Understood customer need vey well.

Especially I would like to mention Gayan Thank you very much for the wonderfully 8days in Sri Lanka. The whole period that beyond our expectation in a very positive way, we are guide the tour.
You were very knowledgeable not only about Sri Lanka but also world matters and you having been to Malaysia, Singapore made the connection better the children appreciated the explanation and the short detail that interest them. We feel very at home in Sri Lanka. β€˜β€™THANK YOU GAYAN’’

Thank You Gayan & Thushi

Date :24th July 2014 to 03rd August 2014

πŸ™‚Mrs. Vimala Devi Arumugam – Malaysians

Dear Thushi

First of all it was a pleasure meeting you and your mum in person and thank you for making this opportunity happen.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for organizing a compact and thoroughly enjoyable itinerary for our visit. We all had a wonderful time in Sri-Lanka.

Gayan was extremely helpful and bonded very closely with our family and he made our visit to Sri-Lanka a memorable and pleasurable experience.

We also had the opportunity to meet Gayan’s wife, child and his family and experience their hospitality.

I must also thank you all for organizing my grand-daughter Olivia’s Birthday party at Galadari hotel which was very much appreciated.

Lastly, your gift was much appreciated by our family. It was a very thoughtful gesture. Thank you.

With best wishes to the Serendivus team.

Date : 23rd May – 02nd June 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Salley Selvarathnam – UK

Me & my wife had an excellent experience in this tour from all aspects. The guide (Mr. Gayan) was very accommodating and went out of the way to assist us. We never felt uncomfortable in his presence. He maintained his respect and friendliness throughout the journry. In short the tour for exceeded our expectation and it is money well spent. Will definitely recommend your company to others. Looking forward for with your company.

Date : 16th May – 20th May 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Vinoshen Vinayagam – Malaysians

Overall Tour has been a good trip. Our Driver Mr. Selva was very helpful and enjoyable and we greatly appreciated that. We hope to be back soon.

Date : 29th May – 01st June 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Natasha Devi Tang Yuk – USA

The Serendivus service was excellent. Sugath was great and we had lots of fun and discovered lots of nice places. Also Ms. Samudrika is a great tour operator. She was always taking care of us and checking on us. We will definetly recommend the Srendivus tour to our grineds. – Thank You.

Date: 30th March 2014

πŸ™‚Ms. Ghina Baalbaki – Canadians

We had an interesting experience. Thank you Serendivus.

Date : 14th April 2014

Mr. Azhar Abbas Ghori – Pakistan

This was an excellent experience. Thushi provided excellent and flexible service accommodating our hotel arrangements and Gayan was an upbeat on time, caring and conscientious Guide. Lakshitha wa a safe driver. We will recommend this team.

Date : 22nd March to 29th March 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Kevin Raizer – USA

ur experience with serendivus was great. Thushi was excellent and Harsha was simply excellent. His enthusiasm to serve and make our holiday experience delightful. He connected with us immediately and became a family member. He is a great Guide. We have no words to describe except to say he was God sent Guiding Angel!!!

Date: 11th December to 22nd December 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. & Mrs. Viji Ramesh – Singaporen

We thank Mr. Harsha and Serendivus. We enjoyed and never forget this Holiday. We will come back again.

Date : 23rd December to 27th December 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. Jaiswal Jitendra – India

We enjoyed the Tour and were able to get a great understanding about customs / habit in Sri Lanka. Our tour itinerary was enjoyable and everything we wanted was received. Excellent.

Date : 22nd November to 25th November 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. Eammon O’ Leary – Irish

Thushi / Gayan are Patient, accommodating, responsive. Exceling expectations!!!

Date : 06th November to 14th November 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Ow Kim Lye – Singaporen

Dear Thushi,

just at the aiport in male back to colombo. So far, we are enjoing our holidays, the service you and your team provided was absolutly fabulous ! the island is a paradies with lots of interesting activities. the water villa lovely. Thanks again for all your help and assistant. Promise to write an excellent testimonial on your website and we will definitly recommend your agency to our friends :-)

Date: Jan 02nd To Jan 18 Th 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Egger – France

Hi Dear Samudrika,

Our three years dream of touring Sri Lanka ultimately came true and memorable with Serendivus International in December-2013. We have reached Colombo airport with full of expectation. Mr. Selvarathnam, has received us on time and hosted with Sri Lankan traditional breakfast.

Travel Executive – Miss. Samudrika, You have replied immediately to all our query with patient. Really you impressed and gave us confident to plan our tour with you. I appreciate your effort and the professional approach. Keep it up. Chauffeur- Mr. Selvarathnam, Well experience man, He guided and advised us throughout the tour. He answered all our questions with smile. Transportation – Toyota Allion 2008 was perfect for us. It was clean and comfort even for long journey. Food & Accommodation – HOTEL THILANKA – Excellent room and food & service. HOTEL GLENFALL REACH – Romantic Room and good food & service. Taprospa Foot Print Hotel – Food is very good specially appam but room small and with mosquitos. GLOBAL TOWER – Room is too small for three but good food & service.

Thank you for visiting us Mr. Gaya & Miss. Dushanthi & Serendivus team. It showed your commitment towards the client.

You are one of the best and our favorite and tour operator in Sri Lanka. We will be coming to you in future and recommending to our friends and family.

Thank you for making our 2013 vacation memorable. Wishing you for your prosperity and growth of Serendivus International.

I have attached some of the picture.

With joy,

imbar, Sasi & Mani

Dammam-Saudi Arabia

Date: Dec 20 Th To Dec 24Th 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. Imbarkhan Kadernaina – Indian

Dear Thushi,

Thanks for arranging our recent 5D/4N tour of Sri Lanka.
We really enjoyed our tour, although it was a very short and tiring one.
We realize that we need to spend a longer time to visit all the places of interest.
However, we did manage to see what we planned in such a short time due to your help in organizing the tour.
Our driver Sugath was also very helpful and considerate.
I have recommended your tour company and you to one of my colleagues

Date : 03 Rd January to 07 Th January 2014

πŸ™‚Mr. Ko Ko Kyi – Canadian

I really enjoyed the trip to Sri Lanka.
Service provided by your company was good. I would especially like to thank you for the great service
you provided us. You were patient with our requests and were meticulous in tailoring the tour to our needs.
The hotels provided were very good except for the one in Colombo which was an apartment. We would have preferred a hotel.

We were totally satisfied with the rest of the hotels especially the Jetwing Blue. It was indeed a beautiful resort and we utterly enjoyed our stay here.

Throughout the trip, we were well taken care of. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience we had in Sri Lanka.
Thank you especially to you, Thushi for making it all possible. I would definitely recommend your company to my friends.

Date : 07th Dec 2013

πŸ™‚Mrs. Thilaga – Singaporean

Hi Thushi!

Thank you so much for all the help and effort that you have put into planning the trip for my family. I was amazed at the speed of your service as well as how accommodating you have been towards all the requests. I sincerely appreciate it.

A sincere and heartfelt thanks also to our driver Sugath. Knowledgeable, always on time and always with a smile. He brought us to really great places to see and my family truly enjoyed ourselves. Coincidentally, my parents also celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary during the course of the trip and he went all out planning their dinner as well as a special surprise in the hotel room. The effort was immense! I am so thankful to have met someone as genuine and friendly as him. He has naturally become a part of the family. Saying our goodbye’s at the airport was difficult because we had become close by the end of the trip.

Another big thanks to Mr Gayan also for the dinner plans as well as gifts for my parents 30th anniversary.
I had such a great time in Sri Lanka and wish to return the favour if any of you were to come to Singapore.

Date : 29th November 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Sharina – Singaporean

Me finding Serendivus was an absolute stroke of luck. When I was doing my research on Sri Lanka, I contacted several local agents, and Serendivus seemed to be the most proactive and responsive. Thushi was the person who was mostly in touch with me. She was extremely patient in working on several different options for us, so that we could the maximum possible out of the days we spent in Sri Lanka. At the same time, she ensured that we got the quality that we were seeking in our hotel stays.

Our trip itself was absolutely hassle free. And that’s all thanks to Sugath, who drove us around! We covered a lot of real estate over a 5 day period. His English may be a little broken. But I don’t think I missed a single message from him! He was fantastic through the duration of the trip. Never once did he throw a tantrum, he was extremely flexible and accommodative and pursued what we wanted to do rather than push a fixed agenda. He was also very kind on our long drives and would care to check on us from time to time.

He made us comfortable in Sri Lanka. Thank you Sugath, for a wonderful experience. I would recommend Serendivus in case you are looking for someone to organize your itinerary in SL. And certainly, if you can get Sugath to show you around, that would be the cherry on top!

Date :07th August 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. V. Rajive – Indian


First of all thank you very much for the wonderful trip you had arranged for us,

We Went as two families, and all we wanted to do was to enjoy our extend as far as possible

Had proper pickup thro your representatives, esp. unforgettable Mr. Harsha, (this man deserve a Honor) Extremely accommodating in Kandy, Pinna, Nwer and also in Maldives

Harsha, your guide / Driver but our friend was so patient, English spoken, genuine, kind, laughed and joked together and took care of my daughter too. Thank you Harsha for all your time and effort, we all very much appreciated it.

Now let’s give you mark (out of 10)

Accommodation – 9.5 / 10 (-.5 Major in Colombo)

Food – 10/10
Transportation – 10/10
Friend – (Harsha) 10/10
Serendivus (Ms. Thushi) – 10/10

if you ever want to plan a tour in Sri Lanka, this is exactly the company to work with.

Date:11th October to 16th October

πŸ™‚Mr. Wasiullah Zian – Indian

Dear Thushi,

We reached safely back in Dubai after tour of Sri Lanka.

It was a wonderful experience to travel across the places in the limited time span available. Thanks for the program and plans made by Serendivus which we had hardly any comments.

Guide Mr. Douglas was really helpful in all aspects of the tour program. Considering we had small kids in the group, he was able to make small changes in plan and manage timing to suit all.

His overall knowledge about historical aspects and local geography has really created interest in group. Our sincere thanks to him and Serendivus team.

Only complaint on overall tour program is about the half board on hotel stay at Negombo as we expected this to be included in the package and was little messy in last 2 days.

Overall the tour lived up to our recommendations and surely we’ll consider recommending your services for our community here.


πŸ™‚Mr.Ranjith – Indian


Thank you for arranging the nice trip. We had a good time at Sri Lanka and back in Dubai safely. We would like to thank you for the assistance provided and selection of locations during our limited time. I would like to specially mention Mr. Douglas, our guide, who had a good knowledge about the locations. Our children enjoyed his friendly company.

I am attaching herewith some snaps during our tour. We would be happy to recommend you to our friends.

Anil Karunakaran
TECHNOMAK Offshore and Marine Consultancy Fax: +971 6 526 1519
P.O. Box: 41980 GSM: +971 55 5506964
Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, Email: anilkk@technomak.ae
United Arab Emirates. Web: http://www.technomak-me.com

Date:October 2013

πŸ™‚Mr.Anil Karunakaran – Indian

Sugath is a fantastic guide. He is extremely helpful, caring, patient and knowledgeable. We had a wonderful experience and will recommend Serendivus & Sugath to Friends.
Date:08th August to 12th August

πŸ™‚Mr.V. Rajiv – Singapore

Hello Thushi

We have been fortunate in our travels to have had some excellent guides. You rate right up there with your energy, enthusiasm and good humor. It was an excellent itinerary and it will leave us with many memories not the least of which will be you. We have enjoyed a lot. It’s because of Mr. Mavan. Mavan become one of our family members.

Date:07th August to 13th August

πŸ™‚Mr.George Thomas – Indian

Hello Thushi

You has truly given us a wonderful trip. Serendieves Organization is faultless,and we have all appreciated the care you have taken with each and every one of us. The trip will be in our minds for a long time. Thanks a lot for Mr. Harsha. He did his best to make us happy. Our appreciation Mr.Harsh. Really he is excellent guide.

Date:13th July to 19th July

πŸ™‚Mr.Usama Wasfy Ramy – Egyptian

If you ever want to plan a tour in Sri Lanka, this is exactly the company to work with.

Went as a group of 4, and all we wanted to do was see as much as possible and do what we wanted to do. First impression was spot on, Serendivus was extremely accommodating to all our request, and very prompt at getting back to us.

We got picked up at the airport, company rep was great and very welcoming, as well as our driver Harsha – that man deserves a medal. Truly a great man.

We even organized accommodation on our own for one night, and Serendivus worked around everything, they are a fantastic company, and know all the ins and outs.

If you want touristy places, they got it. If you want off the beat and track, they go it. If you want authentic Sri Lanka and just immerse yourself in it all – got that too.

Harsha, our driver for the trip was so patient, English spoken, genuine, kind, we ate with him, laughed and joked together, he really was a great driver and friend to us. Thank you Harsha for all your time and effort, we all very much appreciated it.

Accommodation – (keep in mind we want to get in the thick of it all – no frills) was fantastic. 10/10
Food – (eating local food, food in small towns and villages) – 10/10
Bus – only 2 months old Air-con was amazing -10/10
Driver – (Harsha -the legend) 10/10
Serendivus – 10/10

Overall – Definitely using them again and recommending to all my friends.

Date:August 2013

πŸ™‚Tom – Singapore (Canadian)

I just want to extend my gratitude for making our trip a very successful and memorable trip to Sri Lanka, me and my friends are really happy from the time I contacted your team for inquiries to sending us back at the airport. Our guides were so nice, informative and respectful. I hope I can visit your country again with the great people, great place and food. Even though we only stayed for 3 days we are not only satisfied but you exceeded more our expectations. Best of luck to your team and again THANK YOU!


Anna Fe Valencia

Date:May 2013

πŸ™‚Anna Fe Valencia – Philippine

SriLanka is beautiful! Mr. Harsha was very helpful and flexible. He managed to accommodate all of our requests without any trouble and was a big help throughout.Β  Ms. Thushi did a great job. Thank You!

Date:March 2013

πŸ™‚Mrs. Meredith Brody – Finland

Excellent job done by Thushi. Harsha is a very resourceful, enthusiastic and friendly Guide. He made our experience a very pleasant and memorable one.

Date:March 2013

πŸ™‚Ms. Dhanya – Singapore

Excelled job by Thushi We really enjoyed the trip to Sri Lanka. Thank you very much for the arrangements made. Hotel/Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Guide/ Transportation/Driver/Attendant/ EXCELLENT. You delivered as promised.
We decided to visit again.With Serendivus International Pvt Ltd
My regards to MR Selva, Mr gayan and Mr.Sampath. Convey my regards. Mr Selva is awonderful guide. He is already a member in our family.
Date:February 2013

πŸ™‚Mr. Murugeson – Malaysian

Thank you very much for the arrange meant By Thushi Good & safe we liked the attitude @ provide assistance, we cannot forget our guide Mr. Sugath he is very helpful for us and showed good places to us , he have Excellent Knowledge about the tourism.

Date:February 2013

πŸ™‚Mr .Validis – Latvia

Hi Thushi
Vanakam sir….hw r u…hope ur in great health….im very sori 4 late mail 2 u…I n my group like 2 thank u 2 u n ur staff which they give exlance servis 2 us.V realy enjoy with ur tour guied n also ur bus driver n also mr samad.They r great.
tks sir….
Date:January 2013

πŸ™‚Mr.Prakash Thambi– Malaysia

Sri Lanka is fantastic ,a lot to see and experience.
Serendivus has been positive, with fast replies and phone conversations. So overall we are happy.
Good Luck!!!!
Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Maria Fagernes – Netherland

Thanks so much, we had a very good time there but the rain spoiled the fun. Sri Lanka is beautiful. Sigiriya was the best place you took us. Mr. Selva was funny and jovial and was good in caring for our safety and also the elderly folks who traveled with us. He was punctual in picking us up every morning and was able to explain alot of things.
I think he did his best during the 6 days we were there.
Roshan was good and helpful but very shy person. He is like the saying β€œspeaks when you are spoken to”. He was also a very careful driver and took us around safely.
Unforgettable experience in sri lanka and of course we will recommend you company to the others and our friends.
Keep in touch Mr Selva and Roshan don’t forget to send your wedding invitation to us over here. hahahaha.
Bye for now
Mr. Sampath, the food was extremely good in Sigiriya kassappa hotel and after that in the other hotels, it began to down grade and we didn’t enjoy at all in Kandy and Nuwara eliya.
The hotel in Nuwara eilya was leaking in the rain. Not complaining but just telling you honestly.
Thanks for reading.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Bahava Singam -Singapore

Thank you very much for organizing the trip.
We enjoyed ourselves. No doubt we will definitely recommend your tour company to my friends & relatives.
It was a fascinating experience. It was an insightful tour with lot to see and experience firsthand. Harsha has been a fantastic guide. He is very cautious in his driving & is very patient, responsible & communicates well. He is always punctual & knows all the tourist places very well.

We will definitely recommend this company to other and will our selves use your service again. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Vanan -Singapore

This was exactly the tour I was hoping for .Very much appreciated. Thank you very much your service. Overall experiences are excellent.

Date:December 2012

πŸ™‚Dr. David Bowering -Canada

May I express my deepest appreciation for your kind arrangement for our trip in Sri Lanka. Serendivu’s representative’s knowledge and their transportation Vehicle, Hotel accommodation & meals are good.
Thank you so much.

Date:November 2012

πŸ™‚Mrs. Verna Gabrila – USA

It was wonderful trip with Mr.Gayan, He show us a many special places which was not included the Program. I’m sure without him we wouldn’t be happy. Thanks for the trip and next time for sure I will choice your company and advice the same to my family and friends.

Date:30th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Abdulaziz Alemadi – Irak

Thank you for the wonderful guidance. We had a memorable stay in SriLanka.Vajira was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to all of us. We really appreciate his help and guidance.

Date:11th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Lai Yuhang – China

Sites in Sri Lanka we very steep much higher than most other neighboring countries for tourist. We glad theirs help.

Date:04th October 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Mike Orgil – USA

Thank you for the wonderful guidance. We had a memorable stay in SriLanka.
Gayan was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to all of us.
We really appreciate his help and guidance.

Date:September 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Sridarren – Malaysia

We wish to thank Serendivus International (PVT) Ltd arranging such a good holiday.
As I want to thank Thushi and Selva.They are really helpful. Some accommodations are excellent. Overall tour is good.

Date:September 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Sinnasamy – Malaysia

Overall tour is good and yala safari is excellent. Our guide is Mr. Bandara ,He has excellent knowledge.
Overall good service from Serendivus International.

Date:September 2012

πŸ™‚Ms.Alison Philpot – United Kindom

The assistance from Serendivus is very good , accommodation is average , The Guide & Driver Of Your Company Was Very Good And Have Good Knowledge, We Suggest that your company train more of your guide to be like Mr selva

Date:14Th Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr & Mrs Devi – Malaysia

A very Comprehensiveness Website ,Corporation And Excellent Assistance from Sampath,
Mr.Selva is our guide.He has excellent knowledge.He was very well informed.Hotels were excellent and meal were delicious.
I want to thank you also our thanks to our driver and guide.

Date:19Th Of Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Khalid Farooq – Saudi Arabia

Generally Tour is ok, except For Green Garden Hotel Where the Shower Does Not Work Properly. Ranaka was our guide, He was very helpful. However the Total Tour Is Good Thank To Sampath

Date:17Th Aug 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Howard Wang – Malaysia

May I express my deepest appreciation for your kind arrangement for our trip in Sri Lanka. My wife and I enjoyed the entire trip, and we wish to be back in a short future.
Thanks in advance for your kind helps. At the meanwhile, please remember me to Mr. Selva!
Department of History
Sun Yat-sen University
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510275
P. R. China

Date:17th July Β 2012

πŸ™‚Mr. Milo Sjardin – Netherlands

I want to thank you for the wonderful holiday I had this past week. Selva, my driver and guide, was excellent. I appreciate his knowledge, driving skills and especially his pleasant disposition. Serendivus International was an excellent travel company to work with. They were most professional in every way and paid attention to every important detail.

Attached are several photos I took. Perhaps you would like to use them for your website.
Again, thank you for a educational and enjoyable holiday
Date:22nd June 2012

πŸ™‚Mr.Charles Richardson – USA

We’ve had a good holiday in your country. We enjoyed the heritage sites and Nuwara Ealiya , the highlands and the botanical garden are just beautiful. The hotels and the food are up to international standard. After you build some highways then everything will be perfect. I’ve been to over 45 countries and I must say your country is at par with many other countries. So once again thank you and also our thanks to our driver and guide who had done a wonderful job.Best Regards.

Date:6th May 2012.

πŸ™‚Mr.Lee Swee Kee – Singapore

Hi Guys,
Yes, just started back to work. Busy scheduel ahead.
My wife and children had a wonderful time in Sri Lanka, Thanks to you all, cannot forget this experience especially my best wishes to Selva and the Driver really,they made us comfortable.
I have passed word around my friends, relatives and colleagues, will definitely inform them to contact your team.
There were minor hiccups but I would say wonderful. Thanks Sampath, Gayan, it was wonderful.

Happy New Year 2012 !

πŸ™‚Mr.John Nathan- Singapore

β€œThank you for your hospitality at Sri Lanka. My parents satisfied with the tour arrangements.Well, i will introduce my friends and family to you if there are planning to come to Sri Lanka.Perhaps, i am planning to pay a visit to SL as well.
Please keep me update if there is any events or promotions going on.Thank you again. My best wishes.”
Date:05th August 2011

πŸ™‚Mr.Bala Pavani – Malaysia

Thank you so much for the attachments. We had a splendid holiday at Sri Lanka. Wish that I have more days to go around, 5 days is absolutely not enough to visit all the places. Thilanka, Grand Hotel and Tree of Life were wonderful hotels and very relaxing out of the hectic city.

We had a bad impression about Sri Lanka when touch down at the Airport, the people at the Airport/Immigration are very unfriendly. We have visited so many countries, we have noted that the first impression about the country is very important. A welcome smile on the face is very important to portray about the country.

Anyway subsequent to that, when we started our journey and move from one to another place with uncle Selva, we have noted that the people are nice and approachable.Uncle Selva is a wonderful person and undeniable that he is so experience in the tour industry. He entertained us with his jokes throughout our journey. He also shared with us a lot of things about Sri Lanka which is not written anywhere in the website. I hope he has the same impression about us and like us as well.Send our regards to Uncle Selva. Thank you so much for arranging such a good holiday.

Date:Sep 5, 2011

πŸ™‚Mr.Pandit Vijayalakshmi Narayanan – Malaysia

Total tour was excellent, they provided me a translator during the tour,
No issue at all. Definitely will come back with my family again.

πŸ™‚Mr.Abdul Mahiz – Saudi Arabia

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